“I f    y o u    w a n t   to    a c c o m p l i s h   b i g    t h i n g s,    y o u    m u st    t h i n k   b i g”

The Foundation

The “Fondazione Casa di Enzo Ferrari – Museo” (Enzo Ferrari Home & Museum Foundation) was established in Modena in January 2003 to build, starting with the restoration of the Birthplace House, a museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari and motor racing in Modena. It was to be a place to transmit emotions and contents connected to the heroic season of motoring, to celebrate a myth known all over the world. The main partners of the Foundation are the Municipality of Modena, the Province of Modena, Modena Chamber of Commerce, Ferrari SpA, the Italian Automobile Club.

Enzo Ferrari

The story of Enzo Ferrari, one of the greatest Italian of the twentieth century, began in this house, now converted into a Museum. From here it started the adventure of a man who has left an indelible mark in his time. Destined for fame in every corner of the planet, Ferrari has never forgotten his roots: indeed, it has always been visceral attachment shield to the origins of Modena. Enzo Ferrari was a citizen of the world because it was able to convey a sense of modernity in advance on fashions and the generations. Great motor enthusiast, was the first to understand that the car, as mere object of desire for the people who discovered the mobility, could have become a luxury item, or even a work of art. In his vision of entrepreneur it contained the power of creativity: the cars for Ferrari, were and had to be a blend of power and style, a combination of speed and elegance.


The Foundation is a participatory body and, as such, is supported in its activity by the founding members (the Municipality of Modena, the Province of Modena, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Trade of Modena, the Automobile Club of Italy and Ferrari spa), as well as by the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena Foundation and by stakeholders who share the Foundation’s aims and objectives.

These stakeholders are companies, organisations, bodies and associations of different types: tourist sector operators, agri-food companies, mechanical and manufacturing companies, multi-utility and insurance companies, as well as professional firms. They also include associations and co-operatives with a very large grass roots base.

The network of relationships made possible by the stakeholders’ participation, together with the resources that they make available to the Foundation, enables the latter to continue promoting Modena’s motoring history, with a view to integrating it with the territory, its business and society.


The Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena opened to the public on March 10, 2012.

The museum is developed on the site of the old house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 which still has the original dwelling part intact as well as the mechanical workshop (where his father Alfredo worked), opposite which a new gallery with a futuristic design has been realised: a “car bonnet” in yellow aluminium, the colour of the town of Modena, the colour chosen by Enzo Ferrari as the background for the Prancing Horse, the logo of the company that bears his name, a synonym of beauty, prestige, technology.

The new museum complex was designed by the Future Systems Studio in London, winner of the international competition for the project organised by the Fondazione.